I started this website (formally sambrooks.net) to help as many people who, like me, were looking for comprehensive information focused around tech projects, 3D printing, and smart home stuff. Since starting this site it has grown exponentially and at the time of writing gets around 1,500 unique users each month—which is incredible!

At this point several friends of mine have asked if they could write up a few projects for the site, and whilst immediately saying yes to the awesome projects they were suggesting, it made me think. If I was going to be allowing guest posts then I should rebrand the site to not just be a personal named site, but a recognisable repository for information.

After thinking of several different names, I settled on Tech Trail—the idea being the site will help guide you through the neverending forest of technology, into the open glade of easy to follow guides!

Whilst I am opening up my site to guest writers, and more review/opinion pieces, rest assured that only quality projects/guides will be posted, I’ll still be curating everything posted to this site.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the future content posted to Tech Trail, and let me know any topics or products you’d love to be covered either in the comments or at [email protected]

By Sam Brooks

Sam is the founder and editor for Tech Trail. With a background in Broadcast Engineering, and great enthusiasm for smart home and emerging technologies.

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